Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is at the core of what we do at Lakes Plumbing Services. The safety of our team, our clients and other tradespeople is paramount to us, and we have stringent procedures in place to ensure safety remains top of mind, every time.



  • We only operate equipment we are certified and trained to operate safely and correctly.

  • We follow recognised procedures and training when working in confined spaces.

  • We always adhere to Work Safe New Zealand guidelines for working at heights.

  • Always follow site specific hazard procedures.

  • All of our team have current first aid training.


  • We always wear appropriate personal protective equipment for the task at hand.

  • Use the correct equipment for the job.

  • All of our electrical equipment is tested and tagged.

risk assessment

  • We safely and accurately assess all sites and tasks for any identifiable risks and hazards.

  • Always report any near misses and injuries.

  • We conduct regular meetings and communication to ensure health and safety procedures are being correctly followed, and constantly reviewed.